According to Theory Rocks, COMMTHEORY refers to many different things. I sat in class today rather confused about the weekly topic. I then researched this topic and found out how familiar I truly was with the topic. I chose to speak on social media and the unintended consequences that come along with social media sites. When individual’s go on social media and see others photos and events they are going too, We ( yes I do it ) think of how great their life is compared to my own. We intend to think other individuals social, personal, relationship, etc lives are better then our own. Why do we think this? We think this because we see others lives everyday all day on social media, but when you truly think about it; would you post about bad/uneventful things going on in your life on social media websites? I can answer that question for you. Absolutely not. Everyone wants others to envy their lives or look at them and say their pictures on social media sites are so “cool, pretty, fun, etc” This gives individuals the “Look” that everything is perfect when in reality, life isn’t always “rainbows and ponies”.





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